A Snapshot of Vancouver

A Snapshot of Vancouver

Vancouver has consistently been voted one of the top 3 cities in the world to live in. The Vancouver Foundation’s 2007 report brings together factual information, perceptions gleaned from an Ipsos Reid survey, and ideas from residents about problems and solutions.

The report finds that Metro Vancouver is indeed a desirable place to live, but many of our 2.1 million residents face challenges. At the top of the list:

*affordable housing – rising housing costs coupled with diminishing rental stock caused homelessness to more than triple between 2000 and 2005

*the income gap – one in 4 (26%) of children live in households with incomes below he poverty line. National average is 17%

*getting started – new immigrants continue to face barriers to employment despite high levels of education. This results in higher poverty rates compared to non immigrant residents

*getting around – residents spend an average of 67 minutes commuting and $9,000 a year on transportation, the second highest expenditure after housing. Households spend $1,000 more on transportation than food

The good news

*we’re working – employment has increased an average of 2.6% annually since 1987

*we’re volunteering – volunteering is on the rise with 43% of us regularly contributing

*we’re conserving – turning off the tap meant a 23% decrease in water consumption from 20 years ago

*we’re healthier – over half of us (58%) rate our health as excellent or very good

*we’re educated – moe than half of us (51%) have completed a post secondary degree, certificate or diploma

*we’re safer – property crime has decreased by 43% since 1996 and violent crime has dropped by 17%

*we’re growing food – close to half of us (44%) grow some or all of our own food

Making the grade residents had the opportunity to grade Metro Vancouver in 12 areas. Here’s the report card:

getting around:c-    food:c+   arts & culture: b   belonging & leadership:b-   environment:c+   gap between rich & poor:d   getting started:c   health & wellness: b   housing:d   learning:b   safety: b-   work:b

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