The IGA Site at Arbutus and W. Broadway

The IGA Site at Arbutus and W. Broadway

In last week’s Business in Vancouver, Peter Mitham’s Real Estate Roundup reported that Home Depot, who owns the lot the IGA is on, has put it up for sale.  We can probably assume this means HD will not be reapplying to City Hall to build on the site.

You may remember that in 2004 the hood came out heavily against a Home Depot being built here, which led City Hall to put a cap of 10,000 sq.ft. for this area. I understand the lease is up in 2009.

Personally, i always enjoyed shopping there – wide aisles in the IGA store, lots of parking, easy access and the convenience of a liquor store as well.  The new IGA which is not corporate and therefore union but a franchise and non-union has narrow aisles.

What do you think should be built on this prime site? Condos? Another liquor store? Retail? Offices? Daycare?

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